Like most children, my kids love their screen time. Rather they are watching TV, playing a video game or playing a game on a tablet...they are happy if they are in-front of any screen. And like most moms, I worry about the amount of screen time my kids get. 

Select Health encourages parents to minimize screen time for children because it causes kids to skip meals, gain or lose weight, stay up too late, neglect schoolwork and withdraw from friends.

While our kids may spend 8 or more hours in front of screen as an adult, if they get more than 2 hours as a child their health is at stake.

Parents can promote balanced media use by sticking to some simple rules:

  • Keep screens out of bedrooms
  • Organize media-free family time. Play board games, take a walk or bike ride or volunteer in your community.
  • Limit noneducational screen to no more than two hours per day.

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