We all do the same thing with our phones when an unknown number rings us: we ignore it.

But, at some point, we have all either been so bored or expecting a call from someone that we have answered an unknown number. Usually, the call is exactly what we expected, and the reason we use our phones more for texting, games, and the internet than for phone calls. Scam calls are ridiculously annoying and sometimes dangerous.

What Area Codes Should You Never Answer Calls From in Idaho

Many new phones have settings to filter out potential scam calls, but no system is perfect and the calls still get through sometimes. When that happens, there’s a secondary fail-safe you can use to avoid potentially dangerous calls. You need to watch for certain phone numbers.

The area code of a phone number can give you a lot of information on who is calling you and whether it’s your long-lost friend calling you or someone from these 5 area codes that you should never answer calls from.

Five Area Codes Scammers Use to Scam Unsuspecting Idahoans

According to SocialCatfish.com, these are area codes that Idahoans should avoid answering calls from. They're international numbers frequently associated with phone scams. Answering them or calling them back could result in high international calling fees.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Not only could answering or returning a call to any of these numbers result in high international call fees, but the person on the other end may try to steal personal and important information to further cause you financial damage.

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H/T to Bobby Welber at the Hudson Valley Post for sharing these dangerous area codes with us.

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