I don't get the appeal of the Real Housewives of 'Wherever' shows that seem to be pretty abundant these days. My wife, on the other hand, loves them. She says she enjoys the drama and the low commitment when watching them - that means she doesn't have enough of her own drama and she can watch these shows while working out or cleaning as background noise. She is also a pretty big fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and a little bummed the show is (finally) coming to an end. Now, you may say 'Who cares about the Housewives or the Kardashians in Southern Idaho?'. I'd say that I don't know specifically who cares but we do know that people care. I posted about one of the Kardashians being in Idaho a few weeks ago and the social media comments were filled with the 'who cares' mentions, yet that story was the most viewed story in our area that week. So, somebody cares.

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Even though Kardashians are getting Kancelled, there will be a new addition to the drama on TV as The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City is set to air beginning November 11th on Bravo. If you don't care, since you don't know those famous people, let's make it more interesting: if there were a Real Housewives of Twin Falls, who would you pick to be on the show?

The Essential Girls In 'The Real Housewives' Shows

You could pick someone you know who is rich, they always seems to make for good TV. You could also pick somebody in your group of friends who is just hilarious and would make watching a drama show bearable. Another type of person you might pick is the person who is in everyone's business and knows (and dishes) all the dirt on everyone. Speaking of 'dishes' maybe you have the friend that loves food (or drinking), there's usually one of those in the shows. You could pick the most common type of person though, the one who seems to cause drama in every situation. Do you know anybody who fits in those categories? Share this story to their social media pages so they know you are thinking of them, but maybe don't tell them which type you think they are.

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