Being a self sufficient person is a life goal for many people but that doesn't mean many of us have achieved that status yet. I think if there is anyone I personally know that is close to being self sufficient and living off the land, it is the Tubbs family at Tubbs Berry Farm. These guys do it all from raising bees for honey, jam from their delicious berries, caring for livestock, their massive pumpkin patch each year, and an amazing straw bale maze around Halloween.

This weekend they are sharing their knowledge and you can be part of the learning. The Backyard Homesteaders Fair is this Friday and Saturday at Tubbs Berry Farm. They have been preparing for this event for a few days now making sure everything is perfect and they'll have educators from across the Magic Valley teaching classes. You'll be able to learn learn how to make soap, convert to solar, trap gophers, landscape with native plants, butcher your own animals, make jam, prune trees, make goat cheese, raise livestock, keep bees, turn trash into tools, make a quilt, and learn how to cook up a rockchuck!

Go alone or get a group of friends and learn these life skills together. Registration for the two day event is $49. You can sign up at the event or in advance at the Tubbs Berry Farm website.

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