KETCHUM, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho conservation officers are trying to capture a bear that tried to break into a garage and charged at a woman on Monday in Ketchum. According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the woman reported she tried to scare a bear away that had tried to get into her garage early in the morning July 11, in the Warms Springs area. The bear charged at the woman who was able to shut her door before the animal rammed it. The bear then charged at the woman's window and then left the area. Idaho Fish and Game have been trying to capture the adult black bear, “No one wants to see wildlife harmed, but we have no tolerance for bears that are aggressive toward people, or repeatedly return to homes and neighborhoods in search of food,” said Terry Thompson, Magic Valley Regional Communications Manager. “If we are able to trap this bear, our only option is to euthanize it. We can’t risk public safety on account of one animal that has developed a bad habit of roaming neighborhoods in search of food. We want wildlife to remain wild, but unfortunately, when there’s bear food in the form of garbage or other attractants, bears will follow.” Idaho Fish and Game says this follows another incident where another woman in early July encountered a bear while on a late evening walk through the neighborhood. At the time garbage bins had been placed on the curb for pick up, which likely attracted the bear.

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