Last week a video was shared online of an extremely rare black bear near Idaho. The video has confused some people and even been a cause for speculation that it is fake. Both reactions are fair since the bear looks different than any black bear you have ever seen.

This Black Bear Near Idaho Looks Like A Panda

The video was shared on social media sites like TikTok and Facebook and shows a black bear meandering through an open area in a forest. That’s not special, seeing a black bear in the forest is where you should see them. The odd part of the video is that the black bear looks more like a panda bear. The creature can be seen covered in dark black and bright white patches.

Ty Allman shared the video and calls the bear a Piebald Black Bear. Some comments on the video call it ‘a big ol panda’ or ‘Polar bear and Grizzly bear met up?!’. But if you research Piebald Bear (or piebald anything) you’ll learn that this type of coloration is uncommon but not impossible.

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An article on Wikipedia normalizes the number of piebald animals we see daily without realizing it. In the article, they include Pinto Horses and pretty much any dog with spots. The piebald gene is also found in Holstein cows and domestic goats.

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In 2017, a rare piebald moose was seen in Falher, Alberta and pictures were posted to The Alaska Life Facebook page.

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