Some months ago, I ordered some stickers online.  Expecting a handful of I DID THAT Biden gas pump stickers, I was shocked when a package of 100 arrived.  I saved a couple as souvenirs and gave the rest away.  A few days later, I pulled up to a pump on Addison Avenue and there was a sticker pointing at the pump price.  On the other side of the screen, a different style sticker with the same message had been partially scraped away.

This Could be Considered a Crime

Later I heard there were people spotting the images at grocery stores.  In the dairy aisle at one local store.  At the time I wrote that I thought the practice was funny but also a form of vandalism.  I was reading the Twin Falls Rants and Raves page on Facebook when I came across a similar post.  The writer points out local business people have to scrape the image away when they could be doing something else.  The woman also rants against people who spit on the pavement while pumping gas.  Is that a thing?

Keep in mind, some local stations (maybe all of them) have security cameras.  You can be seen pasting Biden jokes.

Some Gas Stations Share Your Frustration

I was looking at the replies on the original Facebook post.  One purports to be from a gas station in Oklahoma where you’re threatened with a vandalism charge if you scrape the sticker.  The sign says if you voted for Joe, you should be willing to pay the price!

Just keep in mind, your local gas station and the people who work at the place have very little control over the price.

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