A Washington family headed home from a high school football game at night recently witnessed what they believed to be a sasquatch in the brush off the highway they were traveling on. One of the passengers filed a report with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

A report was published last week involving an alleged Bigfoot sighting 70-miles west of Sandpoint, Idaho, near the Washington town of Springdale. The incident took place in Stevens County, and involved a family headed back from a homecoming football game.

The group was traveling south on Highway 231 near the Sanctuary Way intersection. Multiple persons in the vehicle reported seeing an "ape-like figure" hunched down in a ditch just off the roadway. The figure was also described as "large and black," and reportedly made direct eye contact with the driver before leaving the area.

The incident was filed on October 27, but was witnessed five days prior on October 22, at approximately 9:40 P.M. The BFRO has identified this report as number 71773. The case specifics are very detailed, and involve close to 10 witnesses in total, as well as multiple motorists.

The driver reportedly turned off the roadway 60-feet or so from where the figure was seen. A search was then conducted by those that witnessed the incident, but no animal, man, or creature was located.

I find it interesting that many Bigfoot enthusiasts throughout the Pacific Northwest recently gathered at Squatch Con 2021. Maybe the sasquatch came out of hiding for the event.

The BFRO investigates all claims of sightings thoroughly before publishing reports.

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