A Boise artist's creative and colorful submission to a beer label contest has been chosen to grace the can cover of one of America's most popular beer brands.

Think about how awesome it would be to create a design, and then have said design be selected to get printed on 30 million beer cans nationwide. College campuses, beach gatherings, picnics, camping trips, tailgate parties, restaurants and bars, your idea being seen by millions of Americans for years to come. That's exactly what happened recently to a Boise female artist.

The design, which resembles a psychedelic apartment where strange beasts reside, was the brainchild of Idaho artist Ashley Dreyfus. She won a contest put on by Pabst Blue Ribbon that awarded her winning design the cover of 30 million cans of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin beer.

Untitled design (6) (2)
Ashley Dreyfus; YouTube

Dreyfus also won $10,000 and has made friends at PBR, and will likely work with the beer maker again. Her cans will start hitting store shelves in the fall. The 2020 Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Art Contest received 4,000 entrees. Ashley's can was also featured on the beer brand's official website. The slogan she chose was, "There Is No Place Like Home."

Dreyfus runs her company Dreyfus Art in Boise, and says her winnings are going back into her business. Companies such as Verizon, Urban Outfitters and Pandora have commissioned the artist's work in the past. There is no doubt this young, talented artist has made the city of Boise very proud.

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