I don't have any loyalty to one specific late night television host anymore. In my opinion, late night talk television died when Conan O'Brien was forced off of The Tonight Show back in 2010 by Jay Leno.

Some of you might recall when Conan O'Brien moved his talk show staff from New York to Los Angeles after getting the green light to take over for Jay Leno. Long story short, Leno decided to work a little longer, and O'Brien ended up switching over to TBS in November of 2010. I stopped watching all together after that.

I've never been a fan of Jay Leno or David Letterman, and the replacement lineup of evening television hosts leaves a lot to be desired as well. Don't get me started on James Corden either.

Many of you in the Gem State already know by now that a Meridian man named Bryan Moss just won a state lottery game for his sixth time. His most recent cash in netted him $250,000. That's pretty remarkable, and puts Moss in a league all his own.

Television hosts have been having some fun with the story this week. Both Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers took a moment to address the Idaho man's good fortune in their monologues this week, and got a couple of shots in directed at Idaho at the same time.

"With the money, he plans to buy Idaho," said Fallon. Meyers' monologue was better written. "You win the lottery once...you leave Idaho," said Meyers. "Relax Idaho," he went on to say. Meyers did at least go on to acknowledge the beauty of the state afterwards.

Both clips were shared to YouTube by KTVB on February 2.

While the jokes weren't exactly anything an Idahoan should be offended by, it still does leave me thinking that late night material might be in short supply at the moment.

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