Just two months ago, Business Insider named Austin, Texas, Denver, Colorado and Colorado Springs, Colorado the three most desirable cities in America.  Boise ranked 17th on that list, but today, Realtor.com says that despite all that, the hottest housing market is our very own Boise.  Why does Boise rank higher than those other places?  It’s our mild climate, our outdoor lifestyle, strong schools, great employers like HP and Micron and our great radio stations.  That last one may not have been in the study, but it goes without saying. 

New Home Sales Increase Despite Rising Mortgage Rates
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They predict that while the average home price in the United States will rise by around 0.8%, home prices in Boise will rise by over 8%, by far the largest in the nation.  The next closest is Colorado Springs at 6.3% and Atlanta at 4.5%.  Homes are literally not being built fast enough in the Treasure Valley to keep up with the demand, which should help our city if there is another “bubble-burst” like so much of the country experienced in 2007.  Much of this influx of new Idahoans are coming from California, where many residents can sell their average sized homes for a ton of cash and buy a much larger home here with cash to spare.  If you haven’t jumped into the real estate game, you may want to consider doing so now, before you’re priced out of the market before you even start.   

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