BSU's Department of Biological Sciences has captured and released the world's most beautiful bird, and even better, he's blue and orange to match!

This is pretty incredible... A blue and orange American Kestral that was captured and released by members of the health lab at BSU's Department of Biological Sciences, according to the University's Instagram post. Additionally, the post adds that "Graduate student Sadie Ranck (seen holding the raptor) and team are studying how birds and other animals respond to large-scale patterns of environmental change. According to Sadie’s viral tweet (@SadieRanck), this is a wild, adult male American Kestrel, and kestrels are the smallest falcon species in North America." BSU's Eden Sunshine told me that the falcon was banded as part of an ongoing research project in the Raptor Biology program, and that the research and handling of the bird is conducted under all required permits and with special training. Take a moment to soak in just how beautiful this bird truly is!

So it's a falcon, it's rare, BSU students found it, and it's ORANGE AND BLUE! I don't think it gets any better than this! It's great to see our very own Boise State University doing so much good in the world of conservation and that they're doing it right here in are own backyard. One of the great things about Idaho truly is all the different species of birds and animals you can find roaming around our beautiful area.

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My wife and I took note just last night as we had the back door open that now that it's Spring time, the world seems to have come alive. You hear the birds chirping, you see the squirrels running a much, the bugs are making their way back (slowly) and everything is turning green!

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