You've seen it in the movies or if you read the classic book Sybil, but one woman right here in Boise struggles with what is now called dissociative identity disorder and she's taking it to television. 

It used to be called multiple personality disorder and it is often misunderstood, that is why Jane Hart is taking her story to television.

Starting tonight on A&E, (you probably missed it by the time you read this, but catch it next week) you'll find "Many Sides of Jane," a docu-series about Jane and how she deals with the disorder while raising her sons according to KTVB.

Jane is a 28-year-old, single mom. Every day she deals with multiple personalities in her head that range from age 6 to 28.

Jane wants to ease the misconceptions surrounding her disorder and help people realize the importance of mental health.

I know my therapist told me that the most extreme forms of PTSD can manifest as disassociative identity disorder, but that came out of her mouth, not mine and I'm curious to learn more about this baffling disorder.

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to different disorders and mental health. When I was first diagnosed with PTSD I thought it was ridiculous because I thought that was something that you only had if you fought in the war. Now I know how untrue that is, and although men and women who serve our country do often suffer from PTSD, traumatic events, particularly in childhood, can cause PTSD. I've also learned that it is something you can work through and learn to manage.

I think it is so brave of Jane to share her story with the world and I can't wait to tune in.

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