I'm on the list of procrastinators. I haven't filled out my 2020 census information yet. I've been working from home for two weeks now and have had plenty of time sitting at the computer to do it, I just haven't yet. If you are on the list with me and need some motivation, inspiration, or something to get you to actually fill out the info: today is Census Day.

Maybe in my head I feel like this is going to take a long time to fill out, but according to the survey letter sent in the mail it should only take about 10 minutes. A coworker says she did hers in about five minutes. I guess I can skip a cute cat video or April Fool's Day prank video today to fill mine out. You should too because the Magic Valley is counting on you to do it. Idaho reporting rate is at least higher than the national average right now but it is only at about 42%.

The letters sent in the mail remind residents that it is the law for us to fill out our census work. That's a little motivation right there, but there are more reasons to fill it out other than legal obligation. Providing population information helps bring more money into the Magic Valley for funding and government representation. We all know that the Magic Valley is growing but we won't know for sure how much until everyone fills out their paperwork...or does it online.

Today is Census Day, but if for some reason you can't find the few minutes to fill out the information, the deadline has been extended to August 14th. Honestly you can fill the form out while you do other things. They only need your basic information: home address and names and ages of those living in the house. That's it. You could be watching a TV show, cooking dinner and waiting for the water to boil, sitting on the toilet (don't act like you don't use your phone in their), or anything else that you usually multi-task to.

Guess what - I just filled out the census online so I'm not on the procrastination list anymore.

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