Technology and progress are crazy things. I drove down to Utah over the weekend and passed a lady driving a nice black Tesla car, actually, she wasn't driving. As we passed her she was going through her purse, unbuckled, and climbed halfway into the back seat to look for something. I know some of these cars have autopilot features, but that is just insane. Also, I'm pretty sure even with autopilot on you still need to be in the driver's seat and alert to the road around you.

Maybe one day the tech will be reliable enough that everyone will be like the Tesla lady and you just get driven around by an autonomous car. Maybe that day isn't far off and there will be an entire city built with the sole purpose of making our life easier. There's a billionaire who is looking for a location to build a new $400 billion utopian city, and Idaho is one of the places he's thinking about.

Billion Dollar Utopian City In Idaho

The city will be called Telosa and the website claims it will be open, fair, sustainable, and inclusive. There isn't a destination chosen yet for Telosa, but Idaho is an option. The builder wants a location large enough, up to 150,000 acres, where up to five million people could eventually live. The goal of the new city would be:

To create a new city in America that sets a global standard for urban living, expands human potential, and becomes a blueprint for future generations.

The man behind the vision, Marc Lore, wants Telosa to be built in The United States. The idea seems very well thought out on paper and you can see all of the plans and goals on the Telosa website.

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Do you think Idaho would be perfect, or do we still not like progress and people moving here?

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