The Buhl Sagebrush Days will be happening this weekend and those wishing to attend are encouraged to social distance, wear masks, and frequently clean their hands. Hand sanitization stations will be available, provided by the Buhl Chamber of Commerce. In a press release from the Buhl Chamber they remind visitors:

We are urging all visitors to our town on this day, or any other day, to take personal responsibility for their decision to attend or not.

Buhl Sagebrush Days celebration will include vendor booths, food, a parade, fire hose competition, fun run, and fireworks show. The celebration begins July 3rd at 3pm with food and craft vendors in Eastman Park. Saturday morning the fun run will take place with check-in at The Furniture Room at 7am. The parade begins at 10am with the always awesome fly-over by the 'Buhl Airforce'. The Sagebrush Days parade is always a big draw for visitors so the route has been extended to allow those attending to better spread out and social distance. The event will be finalized with the largest fireworks show in the history of Buhl at dusk at North Park. There are acres of park ground to spread out and enjoy the event safely.

Whether you attend Sagebrush Days, the fireworks show in Twin Falls, or anywhere else this weekend it is your choice to go outdoors and your choice to follow health department recommendations. Likewise, if you are uncomfortable being around other people, as some may choose to not wear masks, you are encouraged to find another way to celebrate the holiday not involving large crowds. Be smart and be safe this weekend.

Buhl Sagebrush Days Parade

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