Sleep In Heavenly Peace in Twin Falls is a non-profit organization that works on bunk beds for families who may not otherwise be able to afford them. The organization aims to ensure no child sleeps on the ground, and you can help.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace Stuff The Bus

Sleep In Heavenly Peace is hosting a Stuff the Bus event for their nationwide build. They are looking to collect new twin-size sheet sets, blankets, and pillows. You can drop them off at Grace Assisted Living on 1803 Parkview Dr in Twin Falls. By filling the bus full of these supplies, they are going to be able to build bunk beds and provide places to sleep for people all around the area.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace Bunks Across America

If you want to help Sleep in Heavenly Peace build bunk beds, they are looking for volunteers. If you go to Lowes on September 10th starting at 8 am you can meet up and help them build these beds. You don't actually need any experience, they will help you with everything. They can make use of idle hands useful.

Reasons To Help

The event is pretty amazing. You can bring your entire family down and provide a service to this amazing non-profit organization. Sleep in Heavenly Peace has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of families around the area and they are one of the best organizations to get your hands dirty and help. You don't need to donate anything but your time, but they will take bedding too.

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