This weekend will be a special one in Twin Falls as you have a chance to help gather bedding supplies for kids in need and to see one of the only Tesla Cybertrucks in Idaho.

The event is going on with Sleep in Heavenly Peace where they will be teaming with the community to build bunk beds and filling the Cybertruck with pillows and twin size bedding.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace Event with Cybertruck in Twin Falls

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is holding a community bunk bed building event at the CSI Expo Center on Saturday, May 4th starting at 9AM. Anyone who wants to help build beds is welcome to sign up as a volunteer, even if you have no experience in building. It’s a great way to learn a new skill and help kids in need.

The event will run from 9 to noon and along with the bunk building, they are also collecting pillows and twin sized bedding.

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While the beds are being built, there will be a Tesla Cybertruck that they hope to fill with standard sized pillows and twin size bedding. Cybertrucks have a bed size of 4 feet by 6 feet - and pillows and bedding can compress so there’s plenty of room for any donations you want to bring.

It’s also a rare opportunity to see a Cybertruck in Twin Falls, as this may be 1 of only 3 in the state right now.

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In a Cybertruck owner website post, the owner of the Twin Falls Tesla posted in early April that he was getting his on April 12th and that there were only 2 others already on the streets of the Gem State. 6 more are on the way.

3 months ago a person posted on Reddit looking for others Idahoans planning on getting a Cybertruck. There have also been a few videos posted of sightings of the silver wedge shaped trucks around the Magic Valley.

Suboverland in Twin Falls has posted a few videos and pictures on their social media pages.

This Cybertruck was spotted at the Perrine Bridge by the Twin Falls Visitor Center. You can watch it on mute because the audio doesn’t seem to make sense with the video:

@perrinebridge I can’t believe there was a cybertruck in Twin Falls this weekend. Is this the right audio or no? Video by my BIL Hyrum- shared with permission #garbage #cybertruck #tesla #idaho #teslacybertruck #cybertruckupdate #elonmusk ♬ original sound - Bunnie

This Tesla Cybertruck was spotted in Boise 3 weeks ago:

And this may be the first spotting of a Tesla Cybertruck in Idaho - it was posted 6 months ago. The post says it was at the Twin Falls Walmart. You have to scroll down the Reddit comments to see the Twin Falls picture.

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