The Missing Kids website shows thousands of kids missing around the United States. Among those are 518 children missing from their California homes, with the oldest being from 1957 and the most recent from January 19th of this year. 148 of those kids went missing in 2023 and there are already kids missing in 2024.

The population of California sits right around 39 million and only 24 days into the new year there are 7 families who have reported a child missing. That’s 7 families, moms and dads, siblings, and friends who are missing someone they love right now.

Credit Missing Kids/Canva
Credit Missing Kids/Canva

7 Kids Already Reported as Missing this Year in California

That is a sad statistic, but it’s also sad that this number will grow as the year moves on. When I looked at the Missing Persons page for juveniles yesterday, there were 6 kids missing. So, between then and now another child didn’t make it home in California.

California Kids Missing in 2024

Less than a month into the new year and 7 kids are already listed as missing in California.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

Many children who go missing in California are eventually found safe. It has been reported that more than 60 thousand kids went missing in 2021 alone and there are just over 518 currently listed as still missing. Others are either never found and remain on the missing persons list or are found, but not safe.

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One of the most famous missing child cases from California, and the entire United States, was Polly Hannah Klaas in 1993. Klaas was abducted when she was 12 years old and later found murdered. The case is listed as one of the top 10 most famous child abduction cases in history.

Idaho Missing Children

Missing posters for the kids that went missing in 2023 and are still missing according to the Idaho State Police website. Some kids don't have photos on their posters. You can see the full list on the Idaho Missing Persons page.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

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