The case of a missing two-year-old boy who disappeared from a central Idaho campground almost seven years ago continues to gain attention on a national level. As the July anniversary of the incident approaches, there are still more questions than answers as to how the child vanished while four adults stood close by in broad daylight.

July 10 will mark seven years since Deorr Kunz Jr. went missing without a trace from a Leadore, Idaho, campsite. Following months of inactivity in the case, funds have been raised in an effort to jumpstart the investigation. Theories ranging from abduction to animal attack have been offered up over the years, and some believe the truth behind the disappearance is being withheld from public knowledge.

I first heard about the case the summer after he went missing, and I've been infatuated with finding out the truth ever since. It is certainly feasible to think a mountain lion may have snatched the young boy, but due to the remoteness of the campsite and the fact that his mother, father, a great grandparent, and another individual were in such close proximity to Deoor at the time the alleged disappearance took place, I find the abduction angle almost impossible to believe. One road goes in and out of the site, and he was reported missing during daylight hours.

There have been a number of specials and documentaries produced regarding the case of Deoor Kunz Jr. over the past six years. I caught one I'd never seen before over the weekend on my CNN app called "Real Life Nightmare: Horror at the Campground." It featured interviews with Idaho police and private investigators that I hadn't before seen.

I hope the case is solved someday. This is every parent's worst nightmare.

For those from Idaho that have been paying close attention to the case from the beginning, what's your theory behind the disappearance?

Idaho Missing

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