Am I the only one who when they're watching TV or a movie loves to figure out what other show or movie they know and actor from? It drives me insane when I can't place someone. Usually I can remember, but when I can't I turn to good ol' IMDb to give me the answers I need so I can get back to focusing on what I was watching in the first place. But the cool thing when you search up actors on the site is that it tend to come with a little bio that tells you where an actor is from. And it's always cool when I read someone is from Idaho or lived here.

Do you think you know your Idaho celebrities? Take your best shot.

Which Breaking Bad star hails from Emmett, Idaho?
A) Bryan Cranston
B) Aaron Paul
C) Anna Gunn
D) Bob Odenkirk

Which late soap opera star grew up in Caldwell, Idaho?
A) Jay Pickett
B) Michael Nader
C) John Reilly
D) Fred Willard

This deceased novelist has an iconic home in Ketchum, Idaho
A) Mark Twain
B) John Steinbeck
C) Ernest Hemingway
D) Dr. Seuss

Which Hollywood "Dick" was an Idaho native?
A) Dick Clark
B) Dick Wesson
C) Dick Van Dyke
D) Dick Sargent

This matriarch of a 70's family singing group was born in Samaria, Idaho where here home still stands.
A) Shirley Partridge
B) Carol Brady
C) Agnes Carpenter
D) Olive Osmond

Pretty short quiz, huh? I'm not trying to make you do too much hard work. That's what school was for. But now you have some random celeb facts to tell at parties when you're making small talk. Here are the answers:

1. B) Aaron Paul; 2. A) Jay Pickett; 3. C) Ernest Hemingway; 4. B) Dick Wesson; 5. D) Olive Osmond

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