Yesterday afternoon we heard quite a few comments about a car that had flipped over on Blue Lakes in Twin Falls near Lowes. There were even pictures posted on social media of the accident, but until this morning we didn’t get any real details about what actually happened.

As is the case with social media, there was a lot of speculation about what happened, there were many jokes about that 'not being a good place to park' or even 'the right way' to do it, and there were good-hearted people sending prayers and hopes that everyone was OK.

Based on the latest comments, we have good news. There are comments from people who were at the accident and even from those involved stating that everyone is OK. Some of the people did have to spend time in the ER to make sure they were good with just bumps and bruises. One commenter on the Magic Valley Rants and Raves page says that they stopped and helped flip the car back over. You can see pictures on the Facebook group page linked above and below.

As far as what happened to cause the car to flip over, the comment section of the Rants and Raves post includes messages from at least one of the people involved in the accident. The car did not randomly flip over or roll due to excessive speed, but instead, the comments state that the driver of the car ran through a red light. Going through the intersection the silver car hit another car ‘at just the perfect spot’ and caused it to flip. One comment from a female involved in the crash says: The guy that rolled ran the red light and hit us.

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In a second post on the same Rants and Raves group page, there is a comment that claims the driver of the silver car was speeding at 45 miles per hour. No info is given to verify the claim of a specific speed if it was a guess or admitted by the driver or police.

The information above is not verified by police, but only based on the information that has been claimed by those involved in the accident or who showed up to help afterward.

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