You may love electric vehicles and you may hate them, that’s fine. Whenever my kids see a Tesla they still point them out even though they don’t really know anything about them, they just think they look cool. If you also like cool-looking cars, then you need to check out the brand new and first-ever 2022 Hummer EV in Twin Falls.

See the First Ever 2022 Electric Hummer in Twin Falls

The first of its kind in Twin Falls electric Hummer can be seen at Rob Green Buick-GMC in a special reveal on July 14th. They’ll be doing a reveal and walk-through of the fully electric Hummer at 2 PM. The Hummer already has an owner who you can meet during the event.

LOOK: 2022 Hummer EV in Twin Falls

Not only does the new Hummer Ev look cool, but it comes with a few new design additions that you won’t find on another car in Twin Falls.

The Hummer EV is Seriously Cool

Not only does the new Hummer EV look cool, but it comes with a few new design additions that you won’t find on another car in Twin Falls. The EV Hummer comes with an upgrade they call the ’crab walk’ which lets the back wheels turn with the front wheels and almost travel left to right.

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The SUV is also loaded with power: up to 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 pounds of torque. Plus, on a full battery, the Hummer can travel over 350 miles and can drive itself with the super cruise option. The Hummer you’ll see in Twin Falls is the EV Edition 1 with a price tag of around $110,000.

To see the first ever and brand new 2022 Hummer EV in person, head to Rob Green Buick-GMC on July 14th at 2PM. The Hummer EV also comes in a pickup truck model with a different set of design additions.

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