Seeing Idaho from space adds a new perspective to how the landscape has changed over the years. In 1973, NASA launched the Skylab from the Kennedy Space Center and that year began the documentation of Idaho from space in the NASA archives. The first pictures in the NASA database from above Idaho include The Snake River and Rocky Mountains. In 1975 more pictures appear of Idaho, this time of the American Falls area and likely taken by the crew on the Apollo spacecraft as it traveled to the Soviet Soyuz capsule.

Since then, the number of pictures made available each year has increased and shown Idaho landscape changing over the decades. Check out some of these pictures below and check out the more than 1,000 space views of Idaho on the NASA website.

Idaho Changes From Space

It is cool to see the changes between pictures, including the picture quality, it is nice that you can zoom in now on a picture from space and see the cars in your driveway. You can also see some pretty weird things when you look down on our great state:

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Weird Southern Idaho Sights From Space

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