Tonight is your final chance for the next two weeks to see the International Space Station fly over Twin Falls. We usually get a couple of really good sightings every few weeks, but the next two are dark after tonight. On the Spot The Station website you can see when and where to look for the ISS tonight.

When Can I See The International Space Station

More good news about the sighting tonight is that you won't have to stay up very late to see it. Unlike last month when the fly-overs were happening in the early hours of the morning, tonight you just have to make it until 10 PM and hope for clear skies. Spot The Station says tonight, Friday July 30th, the ISS will start across the sky at 10:09 PM and it will be visible for up to six minutes. This sighting will reach a max height of 83 degrees, so it will go right over our heads almost through the center of the sky. It will travel from the northwest to the east.

Trouble This Week On The ISS As Russian Module Docks

The space station had an exciting day yesterday as a Russian module was docking with it a thruster accidentally fired causing the station to start spinning out of control temporarily. Counter measures were implemented to fix the issue and NASA says the astronauts were never in any danger.

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In a tweet from the flight director, Zebulon Scoville, it looks like it was still a tense few moments even if there was no danger:

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