There are few things that I love more than when good things happen to good people, and this story is exactly that. East Idaho News was first to write about Brad Crow and the very generous donation him and his family just received.

Brad was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at the age of 14, he went through radiation, chemotherapy, and had a bone in his leg removed and replaced throughout the process. The man is a fighter.

Along with his wife Erica the Crow family decided to build a home, and were living in their camp trailer inside of a shop they decided to build first due to winter months approaching quickly. All of this on top of adopting two children less than three years ago.

While building the shop Brad fractured his leg, and just dealt with the pain, eventually having to replace the bone with artificial parts in Salt Lake City. In the recovery process Brad got a staph infection and nearly died. He also had a hip replacement, and is now looking at another hip replacement (on his other hip).

The family continues to live in the shop waiting for Brad's health to improve so they can continue building their home.

That's when a Secret Santa stepped up big time, with health insurance for an entire year and a $50,000 gift.

I have no idea who this Secret Santa was, but from one Idahoan to another, thank you. You are a great person, whoever you are.

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