It is called the "Pathway Master Plan" and the Boise City Council voted unanimously to approve it. With traffic constantly increasing in the Boise area this is a hopeful alternative in transportation for locals. The pathways were well thought out and according to the below Instagram post "The City of Boise is committed to increasing connectivity with access to walking and biking pathways and supporting alternative transportation. This week, the Boise City Council unanimously approved our Pathways Master Plan which proposes 110 miles of future pathways all over the city. Once completed, these future pathways will put 76 percent of Boiseans within a 10 minute walk of a park while also connecting them to work, school and shopping."

The building will be a long and drawn out effort but so was just getting to this point.  The city had many closed and open to the community meetings about the potentials of more pedestrian pathways.  So where are the future pathways going to be and how will it effect your neighborhood and work area?

Proposed Pathway Master Plan map, City of Boise
Proposed Pathway Master Plan map, City of Boise

The City of Boise website has a dedicated page for the Pathway Master Plan project saying, "Building on decades of planning efforts, community input, and the lessons learned from studying existing challenges and opportunities, the Boise Pathways Master Plan proposes 112 miles and 110 new pathway projects across the city. Combined with Boise’s ±50 miles of existing pathways, the built-out network will string together a total of over 160 miles of pathways."

There is a TON of information on the Cities website including 157 page interactive and very detailed plan. Check out the full plan details here...

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