With beautiful weather in the forecast, this should be a great week to head to the City of Rocks National Reserve for their special program events highlighting emigration on the old California Trail.

What Was It Like For Emigrants Traveling The California Trail Through Idaho

Through the 1840s and into the late 1860s, the California Trail saw around 200,000 travelers. The Idaho State Historical Society says that the California Trail saw a greater total volume of traffic than the possibly more well-known Oregon Trail. The Western Emigration Society planned a large caravan in 1840 which led to the opening of the California Trail.

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The City of Rocks National Reserve is teaming up this week with the California Trail Interpretive Center to take visitors back in time to the days when emigrants used the California Trail to head west. A number of events were planned for this week, starting with a Night Sky Program to see the stars as the emigrants did decades ago. The Night Sky Program was set to take place Monday, May 1st at 9 PM in a press release from last week, but the event has since been canceled on the City of Rocks Facebook page. Tuesday is filled with 2 events to show what life was like for the California Trail emigrants. Presentations will happen at noon and 7 PM on Tuesday, May 2nd. Bring your own seating or ground blankets for use during the presentations.

Wednesday, starting at 9 AM, there will be a Guided California Trail Hike. Those wishing to participate can show interest on the Facebook Page for the event or show up in time for the hike by meeting at the City of Rocks Visitor Center.

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Any questions can be directed to the City of Rocks Visitor Center at 208-824-5910.

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