I see a lot of these web links about driving Idaho.  Driving every last road in the state is on my bucket list.   A website called honeytrek.com appeared this week in my Google feed.  It includes some of the best place in the state to drive, hike and paddle.  In a little more than six years I can safely say I’ve been to many of these places.  I just need another 60 years!  I’ve been to the Spud Drive-In as well as the obvious, Shoshone Falls.

Friends have issued me a standing invitation to visit their home near Yankee Fork.  Perhaps in summer.  Twin Falls County Commissioner Don Hall told me this week about a Thanksgiving weekend trip he made to that part of the state a very long time ago.  He made it to Stanley and experienced cold like he never encountered before. 

Not an evil presence.  Something friendly but also bittersweet.

City of Rocks left me with an almost spiritual moment.  It was a beautiful and warm day but not terribly busy.  I got out of the car and photographed the old messages left by pioneers on the rock formations.  And I thought I felt a presence.  Not an evil presence.  Something friendly but also bittersweet.  You realize life was difficult for those traveling west during the 1800s and it’s like something was attempting to communicate the struggles.

I’ve also genuinely felt spooked at a ghost town in Shoshone County.  It was one case when I couldn’t wait to get back to the car and get rolling.

Craters of the Moon, if memory serves me right, was the background for perhaps the worst film ever made.  Not just the worst film ever made in Idaho.  It was called Idaho Transfer and was a project of the late Peter Fonda.  Nice scenery.  Terrible acting and he must have been filming on Hi8.  Gee, he could’ve asked family for a loan and some advice.  Napoleon Dynamite is Shakespeare in comparison!


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