I already feel bad about the troubles that ladies have to go through. And I am glad that science is trying to find new ways to help make life easier. It seems that a few of the stories I have read this week say they are to help women, but really seem to benefit the men. A new study in Health Magazine found that women could see significant relief from the pains and issues that come from menopause by doing more housework. Yeah, they say women should do more chores at home to feel better. That doesn't seem to make sense at all. The study even says that it isn't the physical activity since women who went to the gym didn't see any improvement. Only the women who did more work at home saw results. I don't fear for my life writing this...but I get the feeling that if I actually said "You should do more housework. It will make you feel better" to a lady, I would get punched or kicked in a place that should not be pummeled.