I really hate being sick, but I think I could willingly go through a few days of flu for a few thousand dollars. There's a company willing to inject some people with a lab grown version of the flu virus. Now, they are looking for the people who would be willing to get the flu for the sake of science. I wonder how a company would feel about one of their employees opting into this clinical trial and then asking for a week off of work? I'm not going to be the one to find out. Maybe you want to be a hero and do this for science and the future of our world. You'll have to travel since the experiment is only happening on the east coast. Applicants have to be willing and able to travel to North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio, or Missouri. If chosen as part of the trial you'll also need to spend a full week at the location and also be available for pre and post-infection visits at the clinic.

That seems to be asking a lot of someone who lives in Idaho unless you have friends or family in one of those states that you've been meaning to visit. Scientists are looking for volunteers aged 18 to 50 and in good health. They are also only looking for 80 volunteers. That means if you really want in on this once in a lifetime chance at getting the flu for a good cause, you'll have to act quick. As added incentive, in case you won't do it all just because you are a good person, they are also willing to pay up to $3,300 to those chosen.

Maybe the flu isn't something you want to get on purpose. That's fair. But maybe you still want to do something good for science. Lucky for you there are a number of other human experiments going on right now that you might be able to apply for. Maybe one of them will give you super powers like always happens in the movies.

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