The problem of brown water coming out of faucets on the Boise Bench has been a long standing issue, but it looks like enough complaining is causing SUEZ water to take action. 

According to an article on KTVB, SUEZ Water is fast-tracking projects to help solve the problem. Their goal is to complete two years worth of work in 15 months.

SUEZ says the water is safe, but I don't know anybody that wants to drink brown water whether its been deemed safe or not.

$1.8 million is being put into new projects. This includes a new filtration system, water main replacements, and season system flushing.

SUEZ spokesperson, Jane Kreller, says the problem is complex, but it is fixable. She says,

They have aging metallic mains, they have a relatively closed system. We know the water chemistry reacts with the water chemistry of other sources that cause oxidation, we know there are minerals in the wells that are naturally occurring.

SUEZ says they are also going to start communicating with their customers more actively about the actions they are taking to improve the situation.

They also say these new projects will not affect your monthly water bill.

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