Social media has added a lot of variety to our lives. Now we can know all about the lives of people we don't care about from High School and see all the latest viral videos without even searching for them. You'll even see stuff you don't care about like hair braiding videos at 2 AM. Soon, your social media feeds will be bombarded with college basketball. You'll know who is playing, who lost, who sucks, and a lot more info than you'll ever need to know about the March Madness tournament.


CableTV and a chance for lovers of hoops to win $1,000 while binge watching the games. People do crazy stuff around March Madness. Some men schedule their vasectomy so they'll have time off from work to sit on the couch with some wings and a bag of frozen peas. This is a lot less drastic and an option for all genders.

All they need is someone who loves basketball, knows their way around social media posting, 18 years old, and a US citizen. You need to apply by 7 PM EST on March 11th on the CableTV website. If chosen as their winner you'll have a few requirements as outlined on their site and along with the $1,000 you'll also get a few more gifts:

Even if basketball isn't your thing, these kinds of contest come along pretty often now. Some recent contest include the chance to live in a Buffalo Wild Wings during the first night of March Madness games or binge The Office to win money. What should you do with the money if you are chosen? That's up to you, but I do recommend you put some LED lights in your kitchen backsplash to show off a bit.

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