The 2020 Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show was, as always, a huge event. This year thousands of people came through the CSI Expo Center to see what's new in home and garden options. The event was filled with businesses offering services, ideas, products, and quite a few surprises. There always seems to be something new and this year, my favorite idea was a way to make a kitchen backsplash unique and light up a room. Literally.

LED Lit Backsplash

I have to admit that I'm all about LED light strips right now in my house. I have them outdoors lighting up the exterior of my roof and I have them running under and above my kitchen cabinets for accent lighting. The outdoor lights change colors and are a part of my Christmas decorations. But, I keep them up all year long and change their color to match the seasons or holidays. Usually I keep the indoor lights white, but there are times where I change the colors for parties or holidays.

Now I can even play with colored lights while I'm cooking. LED light strips aren't very expensive, depending on the type you get. I got a roll to do the backsplash and had a few feet left over plus an extra roll for a future project. The lights also came with the power and receiver for use with an app. All it cost was about $40 on Amazon for the lights. This would be a little more difficult if you have an existing tile backsplash since mine was built with the lights in mind using clear glass tiles and space was factored into the project.

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