I'm starting to feel like Idaho is either a joke to the rest of the world or some kind of great mystery that calls for recognition from all the most remote places in the world. Earlier this week I found a few bands with the name 'Idaho', but they had nothing to do with the state of Idaho. Just random groups chose Idaho for their name. Now I find out there's a movie titled 'Twin Falls Idaho' and guess what: it has nothing to do with Twin Falls, Idaho.

Twin Falls Idaho Movie

When I first watched the trailer for the movie Twin Falls Idaho, I have to admit I was confused. I live in Twin Falls, ID, and didn't see any recognizable locations in the video, and no mentions were made to imply it was a movie from here. In fact, after watching the trailer I didn't have any idea what the movie was about. I had to consult the interwebs for a movie plot.

What Is The Twin Falls Idaho Movie About

Even after reading the plot synopsis I still didn't have a reason the movie was called Twin Falls Idaho. The movie is about conjoined twins and their last name is Falls so you could get the Twin Falls from that, but where does Idaho come in? For that answer, I had to read the comments under the movie trailer, which were full of raves about this movie, so apparently, it's pretty good. In the comments, someone pointed out that the Falls twins live on Idaho Street. Really? Did they name the movie based on those three facts? I feel there has to be another reason that we don't know about, otherwise, it would make more sense to call it Falls Twins on Idaho.

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The movie is almost two hours long and runs pretty slow, based on reviews. People seem to love it though and it has great rating reviews.

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