Did you know there is such a thing as horn etiquette? Some in the automobile industry go as far as to say that using the horn is a sign of aggressive driving. So what are Twin Falls drivers with good intentions supposed to do?

I rarely use the horn in my truck. If a car isn't moving in front of me, or a motorist is drifting over into my lane, that's when I'll give them a quick blast with it. I only use it to let people know they are driving in a manner that could cause an accident.

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Some people use the horn in their cars or trucks as another way to communicate an "F-Bomb." Shift-Idaho.org has horn usage, along with intimidating glares and the act of flashing lights as examples of aggressive driving.

Road rage results in many deaths throughout the United States. Indiana has the highest confirmed number of road rage-related deaths in the country since tracking began at around 70 fatalities, according to thezebra.com.

In the past decade, more than 12,000 motorist injuries have been attributed to road rage, and the horn is a tool that sets many of these drivers off. So, does this mean drivers in Idaho and beyond should be fearful of using the horn? The truth is, you never know how someone will respond to being honked at. Longer, drawn-out horn blasts might be more instigating than say a quick tap of the horn.

How often do you use your horn in Twin Falls? Do you use it only as a last resort?

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