And so it begins...last night, I watched the movie Date Night with my wife.  The movie was actually great.  I laughed out loud a few times, and it had a message to all married couples - go on a date...but if you switch things up, you will be shot at, meet Marc Wahlberg shirtless, drive a sweet Audi, and realize that your life is great the way it is...except you need to go on more dates.  At least that is what my wife got out of it.  We have 4 kids, and going on dates that don't cost a lot of money and finding someone to watch the kids has become ridiculous!  So we made a goal to go on one date a month - we are in month number 2.  Last month, which was for our 8th anniversary - we went bowling!  This month...well, we haven't gone yet :)

We recently did a poll about the best restaurants to go to on a first date (which could really work for any date) and the result were very helpful.  Relive them with me here.

We all know though, that a date doesn't mean you just go out eat and then come home.  A date is an activity and a time that should be different than what we do other nights.  So if you skydive or are out of the house a lot - maybe your date nights are spent at home enjoying the company of your better half.  For the rest of us we need to get out of the house and back in the dating game.  My dad tells me to remember that just because I'm married doesn't mean I should stop courting her.  Making time for a date night when you have kids is hard - deciding what to do on your date is even harder!  So let's help each other out and maybe my date night this month will start and end without any guns or Mark Wahlberg, I would however like a sweet car ride.

Here are the Top far

Bowling at the Bowladrome on Eastland and eating some greasy fries!

When summer gets here - group date at the Drive In.

On a nice day, rent a kayak or boat down by Centennial Park.

If you have the time - start at one end of Blue Lakes and go to each restaurant with a drive-thru and order one item.  By the time your done you'll be full and laughing!

Head to downtown Twin and window shop - or actually shop - and then eat at the Beacon Burger and Brew.

Watch the submarine races by the lake - don't know what that is...Listen to the audio and be enlightened :)

If your best date idea didn't make the list, leave a comment below and maybe my wife and I...or some other couple will take your advice.

Here Are The Results Of Last Week's Survey

What is the best idea for an amazing date night in Twin Falls?
Going to dinner at a nice restaurant and then listening to music at a concert
Start off with and early show at the local movie house the go to Montana Steak house, the atmosphere is nice and relaxing and they have specials for people who are on a budget.
Stay at home by the fire
Mcdonalds and a 6 pack on the river
Go to NazzCart, then to dinner at Cafe Rio, then a movie or to the Herrett Center or dinner and a show at Jackpot
Go to a bar (saloon, club) have drinks and dance.  Go get something to eat.  Park somewhere and make out till the sun comes up!!!
Something outside, in warm weather, maybe Shoshone Falls, early evening.
I like going to a nice place for dinner.  Going to Miracle Hot Springs is nice too.  Jackpot is fun, going down, getting a room, dinner...a little people watching.  I'm not a gambler, but it is fun to get a roll of coins & see how long it lasts...just for fun.  They have penny slots now you know.
Hot air balloon ride
Sorry, but that is a trick question.  You could have a BEST date if you take her out of TWIN FALLS!
Dinner and a movie... It's too hard to find anything amazing in Twin Falls.
Go see one of the shows at the planetarium, then go to dinner at a nice restaurant.
Take a couch and a TV with a power inverter and go to the desert and find a flat place to set up.  place the couch on the ground the hook the power inverter to your vehicle battery and plug-in the TV and watch movies.
Go to an overlook of the river and watch the submarine races. ;-}
dinner and a movie
Maybe not 'amazing', but fun...bowling..
Free concerts in the park Dinner at Canyon Crest Anything that is enjoyable together.  Sometimes just sitting in the car and talking.
A nice dinner at one of the fine restaurants, a stroll along snake river canyon on the beautiful walking trail and ending it with an ice cream cone while watching traffic on blue lakes blvd. You might say "weather permitting" but it's fun in any weather!
A couples massage
Going to Shoshone Falls and enjoying the scenery.  Going on some of the trails around the falls.  Then going to Durkeys lake and fishing and trying to see the beavers there.  Then going to the mall and window shopping.  Finally going out to eat at Sizzler's and going to a movie.
Picnic & walk along the canyon path window shopping at the mall (great learning experience) no actual buying - just looking and seeing what style clothes the other person likes.
ship the kids off to a sitter and have a romantic night in
Dinner and a bike ride in the canyon
Very limited! Dinner & movie is all they have to offer, Covering Magic Valley you get The Hot Springs. Head south on 93 to jackpot and you get a room, dinner, & entertainment. Also shopping and a heated pool!
Dinner and bowling
Dinner @ your favorite place and a movie. Then park by the canyon and watch the stars the sky is awesome at night when no clouds are there.
Dinner, a movie and a nice walk around the canyon then a nights stay in a hot tub suite in a local hotel.
go to dinner and a movie
I have found there isn't very much to do in Twin Falls. Maybe a movie or maybe dinner
Late night candle light dinner, order out have it delivered, and serve on your best china, turn off the phone, and the front porch light.
One of our favorite date nights is to go to Barnes & Noble, spend and hour or so looking through the books or magazines, having a coffee, then dinner @ Chili's and head for home!  Couple of live wires!
Dinner and a movie
Dinner and a movie
Up higher than this wonderful city to see the lights.
I, myself would like an old fashion date night---Movie and Dinner
When it warms up dinner on the boat in Hagerman
Dinner and movie
Pizza and a movie
A night out alone with no kids for dinner and if it is wonderful summer night, go to the canyon and star gaze with your mate or watch the sun set over the canyon.
Dinner, movie and then a night on the town
A good steak and a show
In the summer, a hot air balloon ride.
Go somewhere else
For to movie
You can wait for a comedy night which come to Canyon Crest which sometimes is a real hoot or take a day date and pack a picnic and take a drive and find a nice place to enjoy the day with each others company
Dinner at Jakers, a stroll on the bicycle path by the bridge, then a relaxed browse through Barnes and Noble.
Dinner at a restaurant with a VIEW and a romantic movie!
Go to Eden
Roller Skating, golf, play in the park, picnic at Shoshone Falls
Bowling and dinner
Ouch! That is a hard one.... We like to go to Miracle Hot Springs where we get a chance to talk without interruption.  We have some really good conversations :)  Sometimes our date nights are just wandering together whether it is at the park, jogging trail, or scuba diving early in the morning when the lake hasn't been disturbed yet.  Why does it have to be a date "night"? Date days are really nice too.
Fabulous dates for us means cheap and fun.  I asked my daughters what they thought Mommy would enjoy.  They wanted to dress-up in princess dresses and go out to eat.  So, we went to a dress shop and (she) tried-on dresses for an hour.  Just twirling around and posturing in the mirror.  Then we went out to eat with coupons.  It was fun.
Dinner and a movie for us older folks, it really depends on the age of the persons. Kids may want something more up beat.
Dinner on the snake river.
Dinner and a movie
Have a picnic in Shoshone Falls and then take a walk on the trails. Finally watch the sundown over the canyon.
Dinner out. Stroll along the canyon trail at sunset.
Lots of food and bowling!
Make it a day out with seeing the famous sites of the area then have a picnic at a quiet park/a camp site that's not full. Possibly where a stream is running or where you can here the sounds of nature.
Dinner and movie

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