Halloween is three weeks from Sunday. This means that some office party planners in the Magic Valley are checking budgets and scrolling the Internet for unique ideas to incorporate into their company parties.

Covid-19 has changed the way many people work and socialize. When Halloween came in 2020, just about every local annual event was cancelled, and office parties were basically outlawed. While the Covid-19 case rate in Idaho has declined greatly since then, I'm guessing a good amount of business owners are going to put the kibosh on parties this Halloween season due to recent virus spikes.

For those of you professionals in the Magic Valley that are planning on holding an office party in the coming days, partyandbright.com shared 31 Cool Halloween Office Party Ideas. Obviously, the first two steps in planning a party are getting permission from the head honcho, and making sure a party is in the budget.

We're running with a skeleton crew (no pun intended) presently, so our numbers are likely too low to throw any real office party this Halloween. If you work for a company that has a large workforce, then food is probably the first thing planners should finalize. Having a local restaurant deliver to staff is always a popular idea, but if you really want to get creative, check out the "finger food" section of the Halloween list.

Orange deviled eggs, spider web taco dip, and a murder mystery office game are all great ideas from the list put together by partyandbright.com. Good luck with the planning of your office Halloween party.

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