It seems like we are constantly reporting on vehicular accidents around Idaho. Some days the news makes me want to stay home so I don’t have to drive. It’s a blessing that out of all the car crashes each year, only a few hundred are fatal accidents. But there are still hundreds of people killed in car crashes each year on Idaho roads and the most deadly of those roads is here in Southern Idaho.

Idaho’s Most Deadly Intersection Is In A Small Southern Idaho Town

It’s one thing to say that the deadliest intersection is in Southern Idaho because that would include all of the largest cities like Boise, Twin Falls, Nampa, Meridian, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello. Yet the deadliest intersection isn’t in any of those large towns, it’s in the small town of Jerome and it’s one of the top 20 deadliest in the nation.

9 Deadliest Intersections In The Magic Valley

The deadliest intersection in Idaho isn’t in any of the largely populated cities, it’s in the small town of Jerome and it’s one of the top 20 deadliest in the nation.

2021 Was A Deadly Year On Idaho Roads

In 2021 there were 271 fatalities on Idaho roads, the deadliest since 2005. These fatalities were attributed to aggressive and impaired driving along with failure to use safety equipment like seatbelts and helmets.

Deadliest Intersections In The Magic Valley

Based on data from the United States Department of Transportation and compiled into an interactive map by the Fang Law Firm in Denver, you can easily see that most deadly accidents happen on rural roads in Idaho rather than inside the cities. Since the year 2000, there have been 6 fatal crashes at the Jerome intersection of US-93 and SR-25 (though the interactive map labels the intersection as US-95 and SR-25). This intersection is near the Jerome County Airport and is marked by a blinking yellow light above the intersection. Despite the warning light and multiple lanes of travel in each direction, this intersection has claimed the lives of at least 6 people over the last 22 years.

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More Deadly Intersections In Southern Idaho

At our sister station in Boise, Michelle Heart at Lite Online has put together a gallery of the most deadly intersections in the Boise area. Much like the Magic Valley, many of these most deadly intersections are on more rural and less-traveled roads.

The 6 Most Deadly Intersections in the Boise Area Over the Past 10 Years

We examined the Fatality Analysis Reporting System data from the NHTSA for 2010-2020 (the most recent year available) to determine which intersections in the Treasure Valley have had the most fatal crashes and resulted in the most deaths.

Proof That Boise is Part of Southern Idaho

I’m going to show you, scientifically, why Boise and a few other cities are part of Southern Idaho even if your opinion is that they aren’t.

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