When I moved to Twin Falls a bit more than a decade ago if you wanted to go to the movie theater you had the choice of the two drive-in movie theaters and the Twin Cinema. Now, all of those are gone. The Twin Cinema building has remained standing and vacant for a few years, but today crews began tearing down walls. For some it feels like they are also tearing down memories.

Twin Cinema Demolition

In a Facebook post in the You Might Be From Twin Falls group, Bryan Newberry shared pictures of the work. He writes that it isn't a full demolition but a remodel. Dozens of comments under the post have been shared of the memories, first jobs, first movie experiences, and other stories about the building. There is also speculation about what will happen now. Some say that a car dealership bought the lot and others have posted what they would like to see built in its place.

Whatever happens with the lot and the building, seeing it come down - even if it is only partial - brings back good memories and a bit of sadness to see change happening.

What is your best memory of the old theater?

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