I don't have any tattoos. I do think there are some really cool tattoos out there that I would like...but I bet I would get so addicted to the ink and be completely covered within a few years. So for me it is definitely better to keep my skin ink free and less rebellious looking. Actually - do tattoos still make you look like a rebel? It seems that almost everybody has at least one tat now that it can't be considered a rebellious thing anymore - right?

Harris Interactive just did a poll on tattoos and found out some interesting stats.

  • 22% of people have a tattoo.  That's almost a quarter of all people.
  • 49% of people believe that people with tattoos are rebels.
  • 4% say a tattoo makes you look more smart and 27% say it makes you look dumb.
  • 12% of people said tattoos make someone sexier and therefore more attractive and 31% said tattoos make someone less sexy.

Do you think it is rebellious or is it now socially acceptable to have a tattoo? Leave us a comment below or a picture of your favorite tattoo.

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