I currently don't have any tattoos and up until now didn't have a desire to get one. But, as an audiophile I really think this is pretty cool!

The company Skin Motion has come up with an app that can read the waveform in a tattoo and play it back to you through your phone speaker. This is pretty cool because to most people an audio wave just looks like random, wavy, bunched lines.

Waveform N8

Not only do the Soundwave tattoos look cool, but they really could be good for people. If you have kids, you could record their cute little voices and tattoo that audio onto your arm or if you recently lost a loved one and have audio from them, you could hear their voices forever and the audio is saved on your body!

If this app really can read waveforms, this would be awesome - I don't understand fully how it works though because waveforms are very precise lines (like a barcode), so the tattoo artist would have to be extremely good. The other way that I can think of that this works is that the audio is actually already on your phone and the camera sees your tattoo and accesses the audio corresponding to a file on your phone.

Either way, it looks cool.

Would you get a Soundwave Tattoo?

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