I don't believe that anyone who has seen Back to the Future has never had a desire to own a DeLorean and hit 88 miles per hour for some excellent time travel!

O'Reilly Auto Parts messed with my emotions for a moment when I ran across one of their items online.

UPDATE: I just jumped over to my Facebook and it's like they knew what I was looking for!

O'Reilly Facebook Plug

Yes. That is a Flux Capacitor on their website complete with description for use and that Plutonium is not included but necessary for use. Sad part is that the item is fake and not even really for sale. But, they really went all out on this fake item. Everything is BTTF references. The company is EB Enterprises for Doc Emmett Brown. The Flux Capacitor is only available for the 1981-1983 DeLorean models. Working speed is 88 mph, material compatibility is Plutonium (which they don't sell and advise you to buy it from your local retailer), and maximum power is 1.21 Gigawatts!

They put so much brilliant information in the item description that you need to read it for yourself. Maybe even head in to O'Reilly and order one to see what the employees have to say about it. Maybe they have the upgraded Mr. Fusion if you are worried about saving the planet and working with nuclear items.

In case you were wondering Biff, this is a stunt for time travel due to the daylight saving time change this weekend. Honestly, even if it didn't work, how cool would it be to just mount that in your car and pretend?

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