This contest is for the dogs. If you have dedicated time to teach your pooch a cool trick, you have a chance to win $1,000 and some free pet care products. Honestly, I'm always impressed when someone teaches their dog a new trick. My dogs know sit but only if there is a treat involved, or they think there's a treat in it for them. Otherwise my dogs just bark a lot and get hair on everything. I know that's on me a the owner and that's why I know it takes a lot to get your dog to listen and perform any type of trick.

If you've put in the time, or you were lucky to get a dog from the Twin Falls Animal Shelter that already knew tricks when you adopted it, submit a video. Vet Naturals is holding their first ever Ultimate Dog Trick Contest. All you need to do is submit a short video showcasing your dogs talent. They even specify that the trick doesn't need to be complex, so maybe my one-trick dogs have a chance.

Get all the contest details and submission info at the Vet Naturals website. The winner gets $1,000 and a three month supply of Vet Naturals Hemp and Hip products.

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February is Dog Training Education Month, so teach your dog a new trick and celebrate the bond you create with your fuzzy best friend. Wags4Kids has some tips on training your dog properly and there are numerous videos you can check out online.

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