Much of Idaho is experiencing a heatwave and record-breaking temperatures this week. But if you were in Northern Idaho a few days ago you might have experienced a rare summer hailstorm, complete with a beautiful double rainbow.

Hailstorm Over Idaho Lake Produces Cool Double Rainbow

The video was recorded on August 11th at Hauser Lake in Northern Idaho, according to the recently posted footage on Rumble. It appears from the video that the storm came in quickly as you can see jetskis floating out in the water and beach gear abandoned near the water's edge.

Credit Rumble
Credit Rumble
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The caption for the video states:

I drove to the beach to pull under the overhang of the trees to protect my car from the hail. The car received less damage and I had beautiful view of the lake, hail and double rainbow.

Double Rainbow Appears in a Summer Hailstorm at Idaho Lake

Hauser lake is located in the northern part of Idaho’s panhandle, near Coeur d’Alene and just a few hundred feet from the Idaho and Washington State border.

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