I have to say that this latest snow storm was the best one we've had this winter. That comes with a stipulation though because the roads have been horrible since the snow fell. Despite the road conditions, the snow was beautiful! The whole weekend was like living in a snow globe. Just when the snow would die down someone would shake it up again and it was a winter wonderland again. I liked it!

But if we do get back to the road conditions - that was not good. My subdivision is still treacherous and my Jeep hasn't been out of 4 wheel drive since Saturday. Even with the 4x4 help I still find myself battling with slick roads constantly reminding me that just because you have 4 wheel drive doesn't mean you really stop any better. There is video out of Kansas from the weekend where dozens of cars piled up in a huge accident because of winter weather conditions. You see that it didn't matter if you were in a car, SUV, or truck that you can't stop if you are driving beyond what road and vision allow.

There were many injuries and at least 1 fatality in the Kansas pileup. Please, drive safe out there in the Magic Valley and give yourself time to stop and extra time to get where you are headed.

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