There are a lot of cool things that I can't do, and usually when people bring it up or show that they are better than me it's a bummer. That's not the case with the Dude Perfect YouTube group. These guys do incredible trick shots with regular and random items. Every video is a reminder that I can't do any of the things they do, but I enjoy it. Probably because their tricks seem so mind-blowing that you can't be mad at them for being better than you. I remember the first one of their videos I saw was just a compilation of seemingly impossible trick shots with a Frisbee and basketball.

They've come a long way since that video ten years ago in video quality and in video views. Their YouTube channel has almost 13 billion views and the videos are a lot less grainy now. Thank goodness for HD videos.

Here's the interesting thing: I know they don't get all these trick shots first try. That's also one of the reasons I'm not mad that they are seemingly better than me at everything. So, when they come to Boise later this year I wonder what their show is going to be like. Will it be just them talking, doing tricks, showing videos, or a combo of all of that?

Whatever the show entails, these guys are awesome and it will no doubt be an entertaining show on November 5th at the ExtraMile Arena in Boise.

Check out some more of their amazing trick shot videos below and let us know what your favorite is:

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