There are callers to my radio program who wouldn’t be rattled if the left coast fell into the Pacific Ocean.  Speaking of rattling, there’s a whole lot of it going on just off the coast of Oregon.  Due west of the central coast and 200 miles offshore.  There have been more than 50 quakes measured since early on December 7th.  There was a smaller quake off the coast of California and at least one measured within Washington State.  A mild quake struck Idaho northeast of Boise on Tuesday.

Dozens of Quakes and Pegging the Scale

The shaking in the ocean near Oregon has been intense, with a surprising number of temblors registering more than 5 on the scale.  Most have been relatively shallow.  There has been no evidence of any serious wave activity and no tsunami warnings.

What’s getting the attention of scientists is the sheer number, which as I write this at 11:20 A.M., Mountain Time on the 8th, is approaching 60 earthquakes. points out that such a large amount of activity is of major concern because of the heavily populated nearby coast.

The Pacific region doesn’t get the nickname “Ring of Fire” by accident.  The fault lines are numerous and there are many expectations of a legendary quake still to come.  It's something that could devastate multiple cities and be felt hundreds to thousands of miles away.  ‘

The New Madrid quakes two centuries ago along the southern Mississippi River were noticed by residents of New York City.  Thirty-five years ago, I was at a birthday party for a grandmother in Southwestern New York State when we felt a mild quake from as far away as Quebec City.

Maybe it's a Preview of the End Times

What’s unusual about the swarm off Oregon is it’s accounting for half the quakes being measured globally!

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