While much of the world has made a questionable purchase online using sites like Temu, Wish, Shein, and Ali Express - one of the original online stores has announced dozens of recalls on items for physical safety reasons.

You run a risk when you purchase items online. You could accidentally order the wrong item, or the wrong size, send it to the wrong address, or use a site that steals your information. However, these recalls from Amazon could cause physical injury or even death.

25 Amazon Items Available In CA Under Urgent Safety Recall

In this new list of recalled items sold on Amazon, which has now been updated to include 25 items instead of only 10, there are quite a few that could cause fires - including a stove that could turn on by itself. There is a zipline that has been known to spontaneously snap and even faulty climbing gear. Tens of thousands of these items have been sold, so check the list and make sure you get your refund and stop using these things if you bought them.

Warning: Amazon Safety Recalls On These Products Affects California

These items are sold on Amazon and all have recalls that could affect customers all over California. If you've purchased any of the below items, these are the next steps to take to secure your safety with these potentially dangerous items.

Gallery Credit: Joe Cunningham

Amazon has pages dedicated to recalled items. There are some we didn’t include in the list above including multiple types of medical equipment and a rechargeable light that has been the cause of at least 1 death.

Top 10 Most Recalled Food Items & How To Stay Safe

The CDC estimates that 48 million people in the U.S. are infected by a food-borne illness every year, and an average of 3000 people even die.

These are the top 10 foods most likely to be recalled, according to Consumer Reports. However, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy them if you take steps to stay safe.

Gallery Credit: Renee Raven

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