Idaho is known for a few things to people not from the state. Potatoes are among the first thing people think about when you mention Idaho. Some, more cultured, people might associate our great state with cows, and fans of college sports will surely know of the BSU Broncos. But many people might not know about another one of our favorite things in Idaho: guns.

Idahoan Uses High Powered Gun and Explosives for Gender Reveal Party

While scrolling through Idaho videos on TikTok today, I found what is possibly the most Idaho video ever made. The only thing it lacked to assure dominance in the video arena was an appearance by a potato. What the video does provide is a winter gender reveal party where a man was put in charge of the reveal portion and pulled it off with a bang.

@babyjayray Congrats on the twin boys @jacobfromeyer tYou handled that 338 edge like a champ #itsaboy #twins #redneck #pewpewpew #idaho #genderrevealparty #pr ♬ Before I Knew It - Mason Ramsey

As you can see in the video, the friend of the soon-to-be father understood the assignment and went big with the reveal. Twin boys are on the way, so congrats to the family.

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Big Gun and Explosion Used For Idaho Gender Reveal

You don't get much explanation on the execution of the reveal in the video, but we can make a few guesses as to how they pulled it off. We know from the video title that they used a .338 Edge round for the projectile and my guess would be that the explosion was courtesy of a healthy helping of tannerite.

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